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United Airlines Loses $49M as USPS Loses $69B

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Photo by Pascal Renet from Pexels

A United Airline aircraft in take-off position

United Airlines is caught again, only this time they are not dragging a doctor off the plane. Instead, they are agreeing to pay $49 million in fines issued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for contract fraud. Tanya Snyder of Politico covered this well, but I want to provide some context regarding how United’s crimes affected more than the United States Postal Services’ bottom line.

Three Victims, Zero Victim Compensation

If there ever was an argument as to whether corporations adhere to the law, United Airlines has killed it. The DOJ agreed to issue United Airlines fines without prosecution for committing federal crimes via a fraud scheme which operated for three years. Ironically, USPS (victim #1 of this offense) was forced to close 223 mail processing plants resulting in job loss for 35k USPS employees (victim #2) months after the agency was recognized as being the most efficient postal service in the world. Second place was Japan Post - with 103,149 letters per employee - to the USPS’s 268,894 letters per employee.

A protected source within the USPS commented, “What happened to that mail that was supposed to be delivered within the set service standards we [USPS] prescribe for ourselves? There was probably medication and other time-sensitive items in those containers that United showed as being [shipped] on time. Our customers are more the victim than we are.”

According to the director of the USPS Inspector General’s Office, Steven Stuller, the mail recipients most likely affected by United Airlines’ crime were US Service Members stationed and deployed overseas (victim #3). Keep that in mind the next to you fly.

America’s Corporation

USPS continually beats the odds stacked against it year-after-year. By comparison, the $49 million USD United agreed to pay pales in comparison to the $69 billion (with a “B”) the USPS lost from 2007 to 2018. It may seem ridiculous that the world’s most efficient postal service keeps losing money, but contrary to what its name may imply, the USPS does not receive taxpayer support. Most of the debt incurred by the USPS comes from its Congressional mandate to pre-fund healthcare retirement benefits for all of its employees. I challenge you to ask your employer if they are pre-funding your retirement benefits. After a quick chuckle, you might be dismissed at the end of month.

To recap, the USPS is a 230-year old institution that continues to lead in its industry today. The USPS is relied upon by millions of disenfranchised Americans residing in rural areas, and is the globally-recognized leader in letter-carrier efficiency. The USPS is the third largest employer in the US, one of the largest employers of minorities and veterans and possibly the only reason a Tea Party Republican would ever vote with a Democrat. The USPS is America’s most trusted organization. I think it is time we start treating it as such. Support the USPS and contact your Senators to vocalize your support.

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