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The Climate Will Not Wait

Updated: May 10

Have you noticed a change in the wind? I have. In Southern Germany, the air feels as if there are storms perpetually on the horizon. Whether you accept or deny it, climate change is here and happening. Our climate is now changing faster than at any other point in human history.

These severe changes have already impacted every region of the world. From wildfires in Alaska to snow fall in the Caribbean, the extreme weather events we have been witnessing over the past ten years will continue to grow more severe.

Do the billionaires know something we do not? Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich tweeted in 2021, “Is anyone else alarmed that billionaires are having their own private space race while record-breaking heat waves are sparking a ‘fire-breathing dragon of clouds’ and cooking sea creatures to death in their shells?”

Like the COVID-19 virus, climate change does not care about your net worth. It will rip your possessions from the land you purchased and bury you in a makeshift pyramid of debris like the rest of us. Too dark? Possibly, but the reality of our current climate situation is equally as gruesome.

Is It Too Late to Count Carbon?

Our actions, such as releasing carbon dioxide, caused this acceleration. In 2006, we released twice the amount of fossil carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere than in 1971. A figure which has starkly increased since 2006. In 2016, 35 billion tons of fossil CO2 were released into the atmosphere.

Climate change does not care about scientific models or predictions. It will not stick to our schedule of events. Stanford Researcher, Noah Diffenbaugh, found that previous climate change predictions underestimated the severity of the previous weather predictions. Our atmosphere has grown so unstable over the past decade that tiny pockets of warming are causing significant events large enough to impact human lives in drastic ways. The Carbon Clock is ticking and our chances of preventing the planet’s expected rise in temperature by 1.5 degree Celsius in 2030 seems impossible – especially if we are honest about our efforts and how we measure carbon footprints.

Since 1988, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has provided governments with summaries and advice on climate problems, but their cries for reform have fallen on deaf ears. In 2020, there was a stark realization that the United Nations is not prepared for an extinction-level event. According to the United Nations, up to 811 million people (2.5 times the population of the United States) were undernourished last year – the same year more than 600 U.S. billionaires gained $560 billion through record-breaking stock market performance for chemical corporations such as DuPont and Monsanto who have only accelerated humankind’s global demise - and the extinction of many more species.

Finally, A Common Threat

For humanity’s sake, I welcome the brutality of more severe weather events in the hopes of dispelling the logical fallacy inferring that humans are reducing our carbon footprint when the opposite is true. Perhaps climate change will be finally acknowledged as a global emergency once we can no longer ignore the body count. Client Earth has documented the inequality in our failure to address the Climate Crisis. Europe’s Climate Crisis will continue to go viral as more of the world’s most beloved regions face one turbulent weather event after another.

In 2021, Germany, the third richest country on the planet, experienced the lethality of the Climate Crisis. Perhaps, now, the G7 nations will consider CO2 emission a threat to national security. Because what is the point of defending the freedoms of a country set in an unlivable region of the world? What is the point of a border wall when #extinction starts trending on social media? What will happen when there is no country left for humans to migrate to?

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