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How Bad Businesses Stay In Business

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Original photos by Ana Itonishvili on Unsplash

Angi, Trustpilot, TestFreaks, and Yelp are just a few of the sites offering a voice to consumers on their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of goods and services. You may have posted a comment or review on such a site about your bad customer experience. Is your post still there? No?

Here’s Why

If you were to search “Reputation sites” or “Reputation Repair” you would find a listing of companies offering other companies the service of defending or recovering their online reputation. This is very much a thing and it happens - mostly in Florida.

Florida: California’s drunk uncle who lives with roaches inside a dumpster fire.

How it Works

Grayscale photo of man wearing sunglasses and smoking. Model: Shalva Vashalomidze

The original company or website with a bad reputation hires a “Rep Defender”. The Rep Defender files a lawsuit against a fake person for defamation and uses a real person’s posted comment or review as evidence in a real court in Florida, (maybe). And since fake people have a tendency not to appear in real court - partly because they are too busy working fake jobs, raising fake kids, and watching fake news - the case is closed by default in favor of the Rep Defender. The Rep Defender issues a signed court order to the website host to remove the posted comment or review. Then, Rep Defender bills the original company for services rendered. That’s the more legal (although, not ethical) way to do it.

Siblings wearing shades poised to look inconspicuous

Rep Defenders have also hired black hackers (ethically, not ethnically) to break into the review sites and delete the post(s) at the source. In such instances, the Rep Defender then bills the original company for consultation services rendered.

Now You Know

For details on this report, check out Ripoff Report for ways to hold bad businesses accountable for their sins (against consumers). Ripoff Report provides a forum where consumers can come and post anonymously about their personal experiences with particular individuals and businesses that they feel have ripped them off in some form or fashion. That way, consumers are able to educate others about potential scams, frauds, or other questionable acts. Through this service, Ripoff Report has saved consumers thousands of dollars, either through a legitimate warning or because once a Report was posted about a particular situation, the person or business came back and actually remedied the situation that may have otherwise gone unattended.

Support Ripoff Report

If Ripoff Report has helped you in some way, or you otherwise think their initiatives are beneficial as a whole, please don't forget about them. Whether it be $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $100.00...or more…every little bit helps and goes a long way towards helping them with their expenses and providing them with the much needed resources to implement and fund current and additional positive, forward thinking, initiatives.

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