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Boosters of Inequality

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Original photos by Mat Napo on Unsplash

The global strategic presence of the Armed Forces, the global diplomatic influence of the U.S. Department of State, and the influence of U.S. Foreign Economic Policy have each afforded residents of the United States the opportunity to get the vaccine far sooner than the average human. August 2021 marks seven months since the United States reached the coveted milestone of administering more vaccines (26.5 million) than the number of positive COVID19 cases.

Vaxxed and Ashamed

From the perspective of both an American and a global citizen, I am ashamed to see the United States, and the rest of the Western world, doubling down on narrow interests and wasting valuable vaccine doses on humans who would rather debate the validity of the vaccine than those who lack the luxury to do so.

COVID19 vaccinations have been available to all Americans from April of 2021. Since then, social media platforms have become flooded with misinformation and disinformation intended to avert and disrupt vaccination rates. Adding to that, politicians, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, have worsened the situation by enabling and encouraging unvaccinated Americans to resume pre-pandemic activities - with no regard for mask-wearing.

I reside in Germany where the elderly and persons considered “high-risk” for hospitalization were prioritized to receive the vaccine. Under this criteria, I would be unable to receive my first dose until November 2021, but, because of my American citizenship, I was able to receive two Moderna doses by May 2021 in Germany.

Meanwhile, my dear friend and journalist residing in Brazil, @aleschwantes, hopes she will get her first dose by December 2021. Though Allie is grateful her grandmother is vaccinated, she is disappointed by the rate at which vaccines are distributed both locally and globally.

Boosting Inequality

Choosing to double down on prioritizing citizens of wealthy Western countries to receive a third, “booster” shot when citizens around the globe are praying to receive their first shot is nothing short of appalling. Billions of humans around the globe, including Allie, must continue to endure life in a raging pandemic longer without an opportunity to receive the vaccine.

This action goes against the World Health Organization’s recommendation and veers too close to the rhetoric of #AmericaFirst, #MAGA and #KAG. Is this the legacy and the best version of the United States of America?

Let’s be clear, when the United States of America chooses to deny the safety and security of one human to maintain the luxury of choice for another simply because the latter is within our geographical border, the U.S. is choosing inequality. A decision which will bear consequences akin to the current and growing resurgence of ISIS. Climate change, extremism, public dissent, and nation-backed cyber warfare are still not considered priorities for the political parties which feel dictating women’s rights should take precedence.

It seems clear to me that G7 leaders are just as short-sighted about emerging threats during the pandemic as they were before the pandemic.

For more information on how vaccines prevent the spread of the virus, click here.

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